Sunday, January 16, 2011

Transfering the Band- Fun game for your couple kitty party

This game is played using the pencils and the rubber bands. This is a very funny game. It is a very hilarious game and make the ambiance very jolly and funny.

How to play "transferring the band"

Bursting the ballon- fun game for your couple kitty party

Bursting the balloons is another very funny game for the couple kitty party. This games creates a fully funny atmosphere all around and make everyone laugh. It is a real fun to play with balloons being an adult.

How To Play "Bursting The Balloons" 

Longest Cloth Line- fun game for your couple kitty party

Making a longest cloth line is a very interesting game to be played in a couple party. It is a bit naughty but really very exciting.

How to play "longest cloth line".